Who are you?
I’m Jen Waller. I work as a librarian at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I lived in Seattle for 25 years before moving to Ohio in 2010. I love Ohio. I also love dogs, although I’m currently without one. You can read about Hannah, my favorite dog ever, here.

How do you find all these photos?
I use Google Street View frequently, because I love maps and orienting myself to a place. If I’m going to be visiting a new town I’ll often look at Street View to see what a particular neighborhood looks like before I make hotel reservations. Or if a friend moves to a new city I’ll sometimes look at Street View to get an idea of what their new neighborhood looks like. While doing this I began noticing people walking their dogs. A LOT. So I begane taking screen shots and saving them. I have a little backlog of them, and they aren’t doing any good just sitting on my hard drive.

Do you search for these?
No. As far as I know Google Street View does not have that kind of search functionality.

If I find someone walking their dog on Google Street View can I send it to you?
Yes, please! My email address is easily findable (I have a Google Profile page). Please let me know how/if you’d like to be credited, although all credit really goes to Google Street View.

Can I just send you the link?
You can. I post screen shots, however. Links are likely to break and/or change over time. I try to keep the address intact (not always possible) so if someone wants to find the image themselves they can.

This is totally weird.
Yes, yes it is.